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CI Products BV Liquid & dry one way containers

There are many products that are shipped to destinations, where it is impossible to use returnable packaging.

The containers will be lost, return of empty containers is too expensive or pick up services of suppliers of empty containers are not available. Furthermore a carefully kept registration of these IBC's is a need, in order not to lose the valuable assets.

In such cases a one way container may offer the solution you are looking for.

Often the choice is then drums or rigid one way containers. These types of packaging all have their own specific problems. They take a lot of storage space when empty and more and more receivers do not want to take care of the disposal, so the advantage of the one trip idea is gone.

A simple one way IBC which takes not a lot of space when empty and is equally strong as a rigid IBC as well as easy to dispose of, can be the the solution in that case.

CI Products BV has developed a range of one way corrugated IBC's which are strong, versatile and easy to dispose of, that will meet these requirements.

The range varies from 500 to 1000 ltr and different discharge openings and filling possibilities are available, depending on the product and its specifications, such as high or low viscosity, pallet size requirements and storage and transport needs.