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CI Products BV Corporate Information

CI Products BV is specialized in the development, sales and marketing of Intermediate Bulk Containers, for liquid and dry bulk applications.

Based on many years of experience in heavy duty packaging, CI Products BV is able to offer solutions for almost any kind of product, where safety, efficiency and effective handling is required.

There is a close co-operation with leading manufacturers of IBC's and liquid and dry liners and we are able to offer a wide range of packaging solutions for storage and transport of liquid and dry products, both in food and non-food applications.

Ongoing R&D activities, innovation and understanding of market needs has lead to a range of one way IBC's, based on a "bag in box"system, manufactured out of corrugated material or steel. Also a-septic packaging is available with special liners for almost every a-septic filling machine. Based on analyzing excisting methods and types of packaging, which is often done in close co-operation with the customer, it can be decided per destination and per product, which type of packaging should be the best choice for that particular application.

These analyses will lead to an advise which packaging can be used best in any particular circuit, depending on product, production method, way of transport and end-user requirements and discharge facilities.

Key facts

Preferred supplier: printing ink industry

Units: > 1000 worldwide per month

Certified: road, rail and sea transport

Approved: food and non-food

IBC experience: over 25 years


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