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The Conicube has been designed because of the need to make discharge of the unit easy for viscous products. The unit consists of a strong 3x double wall corrugated sleeve, a conical cassette with liner and a lid. The liner is fitted with a 3" or 6" butterfly valve outlet which makes discharge go five times faster than a side discharge system. Also rest product is strongly reduced, because of the bottom discharge.

This unit is widely used in several industries and is shipped world wide. Returning of empty units is not necessary and cleaning is eliminated.

The Conicube and Cargocube are certified for sea, road and rail transport. Also handling of the unit is very safe. This is due to the fact that every individual part is carefully built and produced, as well as intensively tested to prevent damage. Several safety features have been built in, for example the valve protection; this plate protects the valve from being damaged by a forklift or hand pallettruck. The Conicube is placed on a CP8 Special pallet which has longer middle blocks as an extra built in security to avoid forklift damage of the valve. The unit can be stacked three high in storage and two high in transport. Twenty units fit in a 20' sea container.

Requiered storage space is minimalized, because the container is delivered flat packed.